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Original Writing & Photography

by Gail Rhea


The Newbie's Guide to Loose Tea addresses the following:



oose Tea:
The journey of tea.   The Journey of Tea
Why loose tea instead of teabags?   Why Loose Teas Instead of Teabags?
Basic tea equipment needed.   Basic Tea Equipment Needed
How to brew tea.   How to Brew
Essential teas and tisanes to try.   Essential Teas & Tisanes to Try
The origin of Earl Grey tea.   The Origin of Earl Grey Tea
Tea grades.   Tea Grades


etting Into Proper Equipment:
Teapot pros and cons.   Teapot Pros & Cons
Brew basket pros and cons.   Brew Basket Pros & Cons
Why not teaballs?   Why Not Teaballs?
Other useful tea accessories.   Other Useful Accessories
How to make your own tea traveler.   How to Make Your Own Tea Traveler
The tea travel kit.   The Tea Travel Kit
Cleaning tips.   Cleaning Tips
Health concerns addressed by drinking tea.   Health Concerns






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