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After you get the basic equipment, you may want other accessories to make your tea experience even more satisfying. Some of the most useful are:

1. Chatsford mug - a lidded mug with brew basket for brewing a single serving without a teapot, sold on various websites.

2. Dripless teapot gadget to fix that drippy spout:

3. Tea cozy or towels to help keep tea warm. Or, a teapot warmer such as:

4. Spout brush for cleaning your teapot - I got my set of two different sized brushes from Wal-Mart for ~US$2.50.

5. Kettle scale collector because rinsing one off is much easier than periodically descaling the kettle - I got mine, a roll of fine stainless steel wire mesh by Cadnit of Fox Run Craftsmen, from a local kitchen gadget shop for US$2.30.

6. Digital scale - ideally, loose tea is measured by weight in grams, not by volume, because measuring spoons can't be accurate due to the variety of dry leaf sizes, but most people prefer to use a spoon instead of a scale. However, there are tea leaves that just won't fit into a spoon neatly at which point you may get frustrated enough to be motivated to buy a scale. An excellent reference website is:


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