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Cleaning teaware is remarkably simple since nothing more than a thorough rinse with hot water is needed. You really shouldn't use soap or detergent because they will be absorbed even by glazed teapots and will eventually affect the taste of your tea no matter how well you rinse. However, there will be times you'll need something more than plain hot water to get rid of stains, odors, and mineral deposits. Many people use bleach, however it's absorbed by teaware just as are soap and detergent and bleach isn't really safe to be ingested since it's a corrosive.


For stains and odors:

For teapots and other vessels, put in a teaspoon of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and fill with hot or boiling water. Let soak overnight or several hours until the solution is tepid. If the stain hasn't been allowed to build up for too long, a simple wipe with fingers or sponge will remove any stains and odors. Heavier stains may require more baking soda and a brush. Burn marks in stove-top-safe glass or ceramics are easier to remove when the solution is left to simmer in the vessel, sometimes for hours. Add water occasionally so it doesn't go dry! Rinse well when done.


Brushing with baking soda is a safe, gentle, effective way of removing tea stains from the surface of your teeth, also, as it is a lot better than the silica (sand) most toothpastes contain which wears down your enamel. You may use baking soda alone or sprinkle it onto your regular toothpaste.



For mineral deposits:


For glassware, straight vinegar may be applied to a sponge and the deposits simply wiped off. 


Larger pieces with heavier deposits may be immersed into a solution of vinegar and water and left overnight.


Rinse well when done.








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