Please enjoy the original writing, Christian travel journal, and photography by a hapa haole named Gail Rhea.

Original Writing & Photography

by Gail Rhea






Gail Rhea



Running from the

Message of the sand,

I found a mountain stream,

A waterfall at hand.

Coursing, discoursing,

Tumbling, bumbling through

The Path of Least Resistance.

Perhaps, I should, too.


Beyond the bridge,

Beyond the glen,

Wondering to where else

He might send.


“Stay awhile,”

He says to me.

“Time to go?

This cannot be.

My work’s unfinished,

The project’s just begun

Stay here with Me

‘Til the season’s done.


On a beach,

On a shore,

Cast away your problems

Only Me, adore.”


Turning to Love is

Hard, I say

When Love purported

Caused me to stray.

Those charged with Love

Caused such pain

To seek more love

Has no gain.


Though I resist,

Alive and True,

God’s persistent call

Comes shining through:


“Your heart’s desire

To be enfolded

Can only in Me

Be golden molded.

Come to Me and

You will see

Agape Love’s power,

Still a lee.”


Yielding softly into

His arms again:

Peace at last 

Joy within.








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