Please enjoy the original writing, Christian travel journal, and photography by a hapa haole named Gail Rhea.

Original Writing & Photography

by Gail Rhea






Gail Rhea



Did you ever have one of those

Life changes

That stops you in your tracks

And spins your mind around?

I was living in a glass house

And, suddenly, a sledge hammer

Struck the glass cornerstone.

I looked down:

     Bare feet.

     Shards of glass.


I wanted to run in

Fifty million directions

All at once.

But, I just stood there,

Blood trickling down my legs

Where I'd been cut by

Flying glass.

I looked down:

     Bare feet.

     Shards of glass.


My God, my God

Have You forsaken me?

No, for I know the plans I have

For you...

Jeremiah 29:11.

I soaked it in.

And, then,

I looked down:

     Bare feet.

     Shards of glass.


Now I can see 

His hand on my life:

A change of direction,

Not a devastating loss.

To Whom can I turn

Who is as faithful and


I look down:

     Bare feet.

     A clear path.







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