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In this age where the disposable stick pen reigns, email abounds, and technology advances so fast that your new laptop is obsolete as soon as you pull it out of the box, people from professionals to college students are returning to handwriting their personal communications in order to fulfill a desire for balance in their lives by the simpler, more economical, environmentally friendly, more personal, more expressive, and more sensuous experience of writing with a fountain pen. Many discover that their handwriting improves from using a fountain pen and some say that their thinking process improves because a fountain pen somehow makes them slow down and really think about what they’re writing. As for the other benefits: 

1. Simpler - Fountain pens work by capillary action and gravity. Since no pressure is needed to get the pen to work as with a ballpoint pen, fountain pens are much easier to use especially for people with hand problems such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome while more able writers can write pages longer without the hand cramping experienced with ballpoint pens.

2. More economical - One good fountain pen and ink, even one of the more expensive pens, will cost you less to use over your lifetime than the multitude of disposable pens that people usually buy. With reasonable care, it will remain in good condition and may be used by the next generation.

3. Environmentally friendly - Glass ink bottles are recyclable while disposable pens and refills go straight to landfills. Even those who use ink cartridges aren't using then discarding as much of our natural resources as those who use disposable pens.

4. More personal - As good as email is, nothing beats receiving a note or letter amongst the bills, catalogs, and junk in the mail. The difference in the way a fountain pen's writing looks, adds that special touch of personality. These are the pens upon which sentimental value is attached and that get passed to children, grandchildren, and other relatives and treasured friends; not disposable pens.

5. More expressive - With different nibs and inks, a fountain pen is expressive in a way that other pens can't achieve. While ballpoint, gel, or rollerballs typically give you a choice of extra-fine, fine, medium, or broad with black, blue, red, green, purple inks and more, fountain pen nibs are available in those sizes plus italic, oblique, and stub, with a much wider variety of ink colors and shades - you can even mix two or more inks together to make your own color. And there's nothing more expressive than a flexible nib!

6. More sensual - There's something about writing with a fountain pen that enters the realm of sensuality. Maybe it's the sight of the ink forming letters and words beneath the nib. Maybe it's the buttery smoothness or if you prefer a different feel, "bite" of pen against paper. Whichever pen, ink, and paper combination you prefer, writing with a fountain pen will be a noticeably sensual experience compared to writing with a ballpoint or rollerball or gel pen.


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