Please enjoy the original writing, Christian travel journal, and photography by a hapa haole named Gail Rhea.

Original Writing & Photography

by Gail Rhea






Atlanta Pen Show,

Chicago Pen Show, 

Greg Clark's Ink Sampler, 

Dallas Pen Show, 

Fountain Pen Network, 

Geneva Pen Show,

Glenn's Pen Page, 

Lion and Pen Fountain Pen Site, 

London Pen Show, 

Miami Pen Show, 

Michigan Pen Show, 

New York City Pen Show, 

Northern Pen Show, 

Ohio Pen Show, 

Pen Collectors of America,  


Pen World International Magazine, 

Philadelphia Pen Show,  

Raleigh Pen Show, 

Stylophiles Online Magazine, 

Washington, D.C. Supershow, 

Susan Wirth's U.S. Pen Show Calendar, 


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