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From: Gail Rhea

Subject: The Hapa Haole Journal

Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 15:25:27 HST


Dear Friend, 

You’ve been such a help to me at work, in my personal life, for my writing, in my walk with the Lord, especially during this current trip with the things you’ve said, done, and prayed. 

I've been feeling so isolated here and I've had such a STRONG desire to write.  

You’ve been wonderful in expressing interest in and support for what I’m experiencing.  I've tried to stay in touch via e-mail although sometimes it's hard to relay everything to everyone. 

A few weeks ago a couple of friends encouraged me about some e-mail I sent them, that I should start journaling, and I’ve been thinking... 

On trips in the past, I wrote trip reports to a few friends.  When I went to Canada last summer, those were e-mailed while I was on the road so they could keep track of me and keep me in their prayers.  It was very reassuring since I was traveling alone. 

Now, I’m combining everything together, me, my writing, traveling, faith, e-mail, etc. to start a series called “The Hapa Haole Journal” to record my experiences, inner and outer, on my different trips.  These e-mails will be partly travelogue, sometimes a journal of emotions, sometimes a journal of the spirit, sometimes a commentary, your basic “whatever - everything except the kitchen sink”. 

These will be sent out on an irregular basis, hopefully every few weeks or whenever...just like a journal. 

I hope you enjoy them.

God bless you for your prayers and support! 


Thankfully in Christ, 

Gail Rhea







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