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From: Gail Rhea

To: A Friend

Subject: I'm HOME

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:10:27 HST


Wednesday, February 16, Y2K. Itís now 4:10 a.m. Hawaiian Standard Time and Iím home. Itís a good feeling, a feeling of peace, of completeness. It feels a little odd because, for many years, when living on the Mainland, I felt like Honolulu was home but when I was here, I felt like where I was living on the Mainland was home. After the early 1990s, it was settled within me that Honolulu used to be my home and now home is where I live on the Mainland.

While riding from the airport to the apartment, it permeated throughout my soul: 

            Iím HOME.

At last. The Mainland seems like a distant dream. 

I wonder if this will last and for how long. 







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